Quality Roofing Services Across Eastern Massachusetts

Crown Contracting: Your Roofing Specialists Across Greater Boston

Crown Contracting takes pride in providing top-tier roofing services across the Greater Boston area. Click the link below to learn about our services.

Boston, MA

Keeping the Hub of the State Under Cover

Boston, the city at the heart of our operations, is home to a rich architectural landscape. From the historic buildings of Beacon Hill to the modern commercial structures in the Financial District, we provide versatile and robust roofing solutions that suit every need.

city skyline across body of water during daytime
Dedham Roofers

Dedham, MA

Serving the Heart of the Bay State

Located in Dedham, we are at the epicenter of diverse roofing needs. From the colonial houses dotting the streets of Dedham Village to the commercial complexes in East Dedham, our team is equipped to service all types of roofs in our hometown.

Brockton Roofers

Brockton, MA

City of Champions

In Brockton, a city known for its champions, we ensure our roofing services are championship-worthy too.

Cambrdige Roofers

Cambridge, MA

Innovation Meets Tradition

In Cambridge, where historic universities meet high-tech industries, we provide roofing solutions that blend tradition with innovation.

South Shore roofers

Quincy, MA

City of Firsts

From installing resilient new roofs to maintaining and repairing existing ones, we help protect Quincy’s businesses against the elements.

Brookline Roofers

Brookline, MA

Charming Suburbia

Brookline’s unique blend of suburban charm and urban convenience calls for a roofing partner that understands diverse living – we fit the bill perfectly.

Framingham Roofers

Framingham, MA

Boston’s Commercial Hub

In Framingham, the commercial hub of Metrowest, our team is ready to tackle the roofing challenges of both large businesses and residential homes.

Needham Roofers

Somerville, MA

Suburban Harmony

Our roofing specialists cater to residential and commercial clients in Somerville, providing expert installations, timely repairs, and meticulous maintenance.

Newton Roofers

Newton, MA

Garden City’s Green Roofs

Newton, the Garden City, demands roofing solutions that complement its lush aesthetics – a challenge we meet with every project.

Waltham Roofers

Waltham, MA

Watch City’s Timeless Roofs

In Waltham, known as Watch City, we ensure that our roofs stand the test of time, just like the city’s renowned timepieces.

Crown Contracting: Your trusted roofing partner in Greater Boston

At Crown Contracting, we are committed to providing the best roofing solutions across the Greater Boston area. Our expertise, combined with our deep understanding of local architectural trends, makes us the trusted choice for all your roofing needs. Click the button below to book a consultation or inspection today.