Historic Roof Restoration

Preserving Boston’s Architectural Heritage

Experience the Crown Contracting difference when it comes to restoring, repairing, and maintaining Boston’s beautiful and diverse historic roofs. We take great pride in our ability to preserve the original style of historic buildings while respecting the delicate nature of their construction.

What is a Historic Roof?

A historic roof is a part of a building that has architectural or historical significance, often dating back many decades or even centuries. It could be part of a colonial-era home, a Victorian mansion, or a stately public building, among other structures. These roofs are often characterized by distinct styles and materials that reflect the era they were built in, and require specialized care and maintenance to preserve their original integrity and charm.

Roofing Materials Used on a Historic Roof

Historic roofs in Boston and beyond are often made with a variety of materials that were popular at the time of construction. Here are a few common ones:

Slate Shingles

Historically, slate has been a prized roofing material for its durability, fire resistance, and aesthetic appeal. At Crown Contracting, we specialize in slate roofing and restoring slate roofs to their original condition.

Wood Shingles

Traditional wood shingles, often made from cedar, are common on many older homes and offer a distinct, classic look. However, we don’t recommend wood shingles due to the risks they pose as a fire hazard.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs, usually made from copper or tin, were often used on historic buildings and can last a century or more with proper maintenance. Crown Contracting is particularly good at copper roofing.

Our Historic Roof Services

At Crown Contracting, we specialize in providing professional services for repairing or restoring historic roofs in the Greater Boston area.

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Historic Roof Inspection

Our experts have the training and experience to inspect historic roofs, identifying potential issues while being mindful of the roof’s historical integrity and taking extra precautions to leave the structure unharmed.

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Historic Roof Repair

At Crown Contracting, we believe that historic buildings need to be preserved. We use traditional methods and materials wherever possible to retain the authenticity of the roof while repairing its functionality and durability.

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Historic Roof Replacement

When necessary, we can conduct a complete roof replacement, closely matching the original materials and style to maintain the building’s historic character. When the job is finished, it just looks like the roof was cleaned.

1 Project Recommendation

Following a thorough inspection, we provide a comprehensive proposal that takes into consideration the unique requirements of your historic roof.

2 On-site Servicing

The Crown Contracting team carries out the work with meticulous attention to detail, taking care to respect the integrity of your historic property.

3 Project Completion and Review

We walk through the completed project with you to ensure your satisfaction and the complete preservation of your building’s historical charm.

4 Ongoing Support and Warranty

We stand behind our work with ongoing support and warranty options from both our workmanship and the manufacturer that give you peace of mind.

Our Process

Our process is designed to ensure every historic roof project is executed to the highest standards.

Why Choose Us for Your Historic Roofing Needs

When it comes to the preservation of any historic building, choosing a trustworthy team is critical. Crown Contracting is the preferred choice for historic roof restoration in Boston.

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Four Decades of Service

We bring 40 years of roofing experience to your project, including extensive experience with historic properties. Our years of experience across Boston’s diverse rooftops gives you peace of mind.

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Woman-Owned Business

As a woman-owned business, we’re proud to bring a unique perspective to every project, focusing on communication, detail, and high-quality service. We also show more care in working on historic buildings.

Our Past Work

With Boston’s diverse architecture, you need a team that can do it all. We invite you to view examples of our past historic roof restorations to get a sense of our quality.

“Crown Contracting restored the roof of our century-old home with incredible attention to detail. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Jane H.

Client Testimonials

The roofs Crown Contracting has installed in the Greater Boston area protect the occupants of thousands of businesses and homes alike. See the reviews.

FAQs about Historic Roofs

As you consider your historic roofing project, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

While it can vary, a slate roof is often the most expensive due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and the skill required for installation.

The history of roofing materials is vast, dating back to thatch roofs in ancient times. Materials such as wood, slate, and clay tiles have been used throughout history, with modern materials like asphalt shingles, metal, and synthetic materials more common today.

Historic roof restoration in Boston involves a meticulous process of repairing or replacing the original roofing materials in a way that maintains the building’s historic character.

With proper maintenance, slate, copper, and tile roofs can last for a century or more.

Yes, but it’s important to consider the impact on the building’s historic character. In many cases, it’s possible to use modern materials that closely mimic the look of the original materials.

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