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Advanced Technology for Sustainable and Durable Roofing

Step into the future of roofing with TPO roofing, a blend of modern technology and superior performance. Offering a combination of durability and cost-effectiveness, TPO has quickly become one of the top choices for commercial roofing systems.

What is TPO Roofing?

TPO, or Thermoplastic Olefin, is a single-ply roofing membrane recognized for its excellent performance in extreme weather conditions. With its smooth, reflective white surface, it’s easy to spot a TPO roof. Known for their extensive use on commercial buildings, TPO roofs are also commonly found on industrial structures due to their resistance to chemical exposure.

Structures Suited for TPO Roofing

TPO roofing offers unique advantages that make it an excellent choice for various structures with low-slope, flat roofs:

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Commercial Buildings

TPO’s durability and ease of installation make it a popular choice for large commercial structures.

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Industrial Structures

Its resistance to chemical and ultraviolet exposure makes TPO ideal for industrial environments.

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Residential Homes

For homeowners prioritizing energy efficiency, TPO’s reflective surface can help reduce cooling costs.

Alternatives to TPO Roofing

While TPO is an excellent choice, there are other roofing options available for low-slope and flat roofing systems:

PVC Roofing

PVC and TPO are similar in durability and energy efficiency, but TPO generally comes with a lower price tag. However, PVC is more resistant to chemicals, making it a better choice for buildings that emit oils or grease.

EPDM Roofing

While both are popular for commercial buildings, TPO’s heat-welded seams provide superior resistance against leaks compared to EPDM. Plus, TPO’s light color is more energy-efficient than EPDM’s often dark surface.

Built-Up Roofing

Traditional built-up roofing (BUR) provides excellent waterproofing but lacks the flexibility and light weight of TPO roofing. This is due to the amount of layering and added materials that come with built up roofing.

New Commercial Roof Installation

New TPO Roof Installation

From initial design to completion, the team of experts at Crown Contracting can install a new TPO roof with efficiency and precision to maximize your investment.

Commercial Roof Inspection

TPO Roof Inspection

Regular inspections are crucial for maintaining the longevity of your TPO roof. We offer detailed inspection services to keep your Boston flat roof in top condition.

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TPO Roof Repair

From minor issues to major damage, our skilled team can handle all types of TPO roof repairs on commercial buildings in Boston.

Commercial Roof Replacement

TPO Roof Replacement

If your TPO roof is nearing the end of its life or has suffered significant damage, we can assist with a full replacement.

Our TPO Roofing Services

We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive TPO roofing services to meet all your flat roofing needs in Boston

Top Manufacturers of TPO Roofing Materials

Here’s a look at some of the most popular manufacturers in the TPO roofing market.

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Holcim Elevate

Formerly Firestone Building Products, Elevate has been a trusted name in the roofing industry for over a century. They offer high-quality TPO backed by strong warranties.

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As North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF’s TPO roofing systems come with exceptional warranties and a wide range of color options.

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Carlisle SynTec Systems

Known for their pioneering innovations in the roofing industry, Carlisle’s TPO roofing systems are designed for superior performance and durability.

Our Experience

With years of hands-on experience with TPO roofing, we know exactly what it takes to ensure a quality job.

Why Choose Us for TPO Roofing Services 

When it comes to TPO roofing, experience matters, and that’s exactly what we bring to the table. The skilled professionals at Crown Contracting have installed, repaired, and replaced TPO roofs across a wide variety of buildings in the Greater Boston area.

Customer Testimonials

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FAQs about TPO Roofing 

Get answers to some of the most common questions about TPO roofing.

A well-installed TPO roof typically lasts between 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

Both TPO and EPDM are good options, but TPO’s heat-welded seams and energy efficiency give it an edge.

TPO roofing is a durable and cost-effective choice, particularly suitable for larger commercial buildings.

Yes, you can walk on a TPO roof, but it’s best to do so with soft-soled shoes to prevent damage.

Generally, TPO roofing doesn’t require an underlayment. However, the specifics can depend on the building’s structure and local building codes.

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