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Northeastern University President’s Building

34 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

Right next to the historic Parkman House at 34 Beacon Street stands a significant educational structure owned by Northeastern University. Unlike its neighbor, this building serves a more academic function and embodies the spirit of modern education within its historic walls.

Originally designed with a distinct architectural style, the university building reflects a blend of traditional design with functional modernity suitable for academic pursuits. The copper roofing project at this location was particularly challenging due to the need to merge efficiency with historical aesthetics.

Our team undertook a comprehensive approach to restore the copper roof, which included replacing aged and worn sections, treating the roof to prevent weather-related degradation, and ensuring that all modifications met current building standards while respecting the original design intentions.

Moreover, we enhanced the roof’s insulation and waterproofing capabilities to accommodate the building’s current use as an academic facility. This not only preserved the historical aspect of the structure but also adapted it to meet contemporary needs.

In both projects, our approach was meticulously planned and executed with an emphasis on historical accuracy and modern functionality. At Crown Contracting, we pride ourselves on our ability to honor the past while building for the future, ensuring that each building not only stands the test of time but also continues to tell its story to future generations.

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