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Harborside Inn Hotel

185 State Street, Boston, MA 02109

Positioned in the vibrant core of downtown Boston, directly opposite the Aquarium, the Harborside Inn Hotel towers as an emblematic high-rise structure, blending historic charm with modern hospitality. The project at Harborside Inn involved a critical replacement of the EPDM rubber roof, a feature vital for protecting the building against the harsh northeastern weather.

This roofing endeavor was particularly challenging due to the complex array of penetrations in the existing membrane, including vents, HVAC units, and skylights, which required meticulous precision during installation. The urban setting added another layer of complexity, as the work was conducted several stories above the bustling streets of Boston, necessitating stringent safety and logistical planning.

To mitigate any inconvenience to the hotel guests and staff, our project planning was as thorough as it was strategic. We implemented a phased construction approach, allowing us to replace sections of the roof systematically while keeping the rest of the hotel operational. Each phase was carefully timed to coincide with periods of lower guest activity, and noise-reducing techniques were employed to maintain the serene atmosphere of the hotel.

Our long-term commitment to the Harborside Inn is demonstrated by our involvement over several years, which began with installing a new construction rubber roof when part of the hotel was expanded by two stories. This year, we completed our journey with the building by replacing an older section of the rubber roof, ensuring continuity and durability in the hotel’s protection against the elements.

The new EPDM rubber roof not only secures the building from environmental stressors but also enhances its energy efficiency, contributing to the hotel’s sustainability initiatives. This project highlights Crown Contracting’s expertise in managing complex roofing installations under challenging urban conditions and reaffirms our dedication to fostering lasting relationships with our clients.

Through this project, Crown Contracting has not only preserved the integrity of a notable Boston landmark but has also ensured that the Harborside Inn continues to be recognized as a distinguished destination for visitors to this historic city.

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