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Coolidge Plaza in Coolidge Corner

1320 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446

Situated in the historic heart of Brookline, Coolidge Plaza is not just a building; it’s a bustling commercial hub within the vibrant neighborhood of Coolidge Corner. Known for its cultural significance and active commercial scene, this area demands facilities that blend historical aesthetics with modern functionality.

Crown Contracting’s role in the Coolidge Plaza project was pivotal and comprehensive. We didn’t just participate; we led the design/build team. This leadership involved developing the roofing system plans in-house, a strategic decision that allowed us to tailor every aspect of the project to meet the unique needs of a large, multi-tenant building.

Our approach was twofold: innovative in design and practical in functionality. We crafted a roofing solution that not only met the diverse requirements of the tenants, who range from retail shops to professional offices, but also respected the historic significance of the area. This balance was crucial in preserving the character of Coolidge Corner while providing a state-of-the-art roof system.

Managing the project from conception to completion, Crown Contracting ensured a cohesive and efficient process. By coordinating with architects, engineers, and city planners, we maintained a smooth workflow and adhered to all local building codes and historical society guidelines. This meticulous management helped prevent any potential disruptions and streamlined the construction phase.

The result—a high-quality, durable roofing system—stands as a testament to our expertise in managing complex roofing projects and our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that respond to the specific challenges of urban environments.

Through this project, Coolidge Plaza has been equipped with a roof that not only protects against the elements but also contributes to the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of the building, ensuring its place as a key player in the commercial and cultural life of Coolidge Corner.